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Our main website has moved to so that is where you can find out about the Bruderhof, where we are, how you can visit and much more. This site is now a collection of articles about us written by other people.

Community living

They raised eyebrows with their old-fashioned dress and strict vows. But, as Jenny Brown learned when she visited in October 2019, the Bruderhof commune in rural NSW not only flourished, it won the hearts and minds of the locals.

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In face of pandemic, Bruderhof continues its caring mission

Social distancing is difficult in this time of virus and uncertainty, but when your entire community is based on communal living, as it is for the Bruderhof communities, the impact takes on new meaning.

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Church Community is a Gift of the Holy Spirit - The Spirituality of the Bruderhof Community

Church historian Ian Randall’s study, published by Regent’s Park College, Oxford, examines the spirituality of the Bruderhof community.

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Inside the Bruderhof - BBC1 Documentary

The BBC commissioned a 40 minute documentary about the Darvell Bruderhof in East Sussex. It explores the life of a young woman who is making up her mind to leave or stay.

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Life among the Bruderhof

An article by Benedict Option author Rod Dreher detailing his visit to the Bruderhof in March 2017 and what he experienced there.

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Learning from the Bruderhof: An Intentional Christian Community

Personal reflections from a family who visited the Bruderhof in New York state.

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Inside the Bruderhof - Guardian Review

Lucy Mangan reviews the BBC documentary Inside the Bruderhof and reflects on what contentment is.

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The strangely alluring world of the Bruderhof

Sam Wollaston spends 24 hours with the Bruderhof in East Sussex and tells about his experience.

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Life at the Darvell Bruderhof

An article in the Independent tells gives an overview of who the Bruderhof is.

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Meet the Bruderhof: Our exclusive peek inside a modern Christian utopia

A really indepth article exploring the beliefs of the Bruderhof and how we live. Published by Premier in the Christianity Magazine.

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Plough Publishing House

Plough Publishing House, founded in 1920, is an independent publisher of books on faith, society, and the spiritual life. We’re based in Walden, New York with branches in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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Fellowship for Intentional Community

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the development of intentional communities, and the evolution of cooperative culture.

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Bruderhof Podcast and Songs

Life Together is a free weekly Christian podcast hosted by members of the Bruderhof, discussing culture, church, history and much more.

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Why the Bruderhof is not a cult

Reader Emeritus in sociology at Oxford University Bryan Wilson, noted cult researcher, explains why the Bruderhof is not a cult. Wilson visited the Bruderhof on two occasions, and wrote this following those visits.

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Bruderhof Youtube

The Bruderhof has produced over 200 videos to help you understand who we are. It is hard to imagine a life like ours, so if you can't visit, you can watch these instead.

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About the Bruderhof

We are an intentional Christian community of more than 2,900 people living in twenty-three settlements on four continents. We are a fellowship of families and singles, practicing radical discipleship in the spirit of the first church in Jerusalem. We gladly renounce private property and share everything in common. Our vocation is a life of service to God, each other, and you.

The Bruderhof was founded in 1920 by Eberhard Arnold with his wife Emmy, her sister Else Von Hollander and several others in Germany. None of us owns anything personally. Anyone who has decided to become a member freely gives all property, earnings, and inheritances to the church community. In turn, all necessities such as food, housing, and health care are provided for. Members generally work for and in the community, but none of us receives a paycheck, stipend, or allowance. In our homes and daily lives, we try to live frugally and give generously, to avoid excess, and to remain unfettered by materialism. In these practical ways we seek to witness that under the stewardship of the church, everything we have is available to anybody in need.

If you want to visit the Bruderhof, click here.